About us

Introduction to Tear Off Shield

The game-changing solution that's set to revolutionize the roofing industry. Born from the firsthand experience of a roofing company intimately familiar with the challenges contractors face, Tear Off Shield is the pinnacle of protection for outdoor air conditioning units (OACUs), pool equipment, garden boxes, and more during roof replacement projects.

Innovative Design and Versatility

Our innovative design offers unparalleled versatility, with the ability to expand up to approximately 8 feet in width and over 6 feet in height. Adjustability is key – the front of the unit can be easily modified, while each base hinge assembly features an inner adjustable leg of 36 inches, ensuring stability on even the most uneven terrain.

Superior Protection Against the Elements

Gone are the days of makeshift coverings like tarps or couch cushions with OSB. Tear Off Shield is engineered to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures, safeguarding OACUs from capacitor failure caused by overheating during roof replacements. Our product provides a superior solution, ensuring uninterrupted operation of central air conditioning systems and preventing costly repairs or replacements.

Marketing Advantage for Roofing Contractors

But Tear Off Shield offers more than just protection – it's a powerful marketing tool for roofing contractors. With customizable advertising space, contractors can showcase their commitment to customer care and exceptional workmanship, enhancing their professional reputation and attracting new clients.

Ease of Transportation & Use

Designed for convenience, Tear Off Shield collapses down to fit neatly into a durable bag, making transportation to job sites effortless. Whether it's for use during tear-offs or as a safeguard for gutter crews, Tear Off Shield is the ultimate companion for roofing professionals seeking peace of mind and operational efficiency.

Industry Endorsement & Operational Efficiency

Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Tear Off Shield to deliver top-quality roofing solutions while protecting valuable property and preserving professional reputations. Experience the difference with Tear Off Shield – the future of roofing protection is here.